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After four nights of sailing, a pair of scouts from Ranrike have arrived at Loken village, in the South of Vestmar. There, at a local tavern, they are meant to meet a man, having the information about Njorun, a high-priestess from Ranrike who mysteriously disappeared two weeks before. 


Key features: 

  • Designed as a 2-player coop
  • Dark fantasy setting
  • Atmospheric exploration
  • Challenging combat and traversal gameplay
  • Gamepad buttons combinations to cast abilities and interact


Njorun's Will is currently at the stage of a Concept Demo, which is available for download. Our intention with this demo is to let the players play the game at this very early phase of its development and encourage them to share their feedback regarding Njorun's Will. Things to bear in mind before playing:

  • at this time, the best gameplay experience can be achieved when the game is played locally (as a couch coop); it can also be played online via Parsec (a brief instruction on how to setup Parsec to play Njorun's Will)
  • you need to use 2 controllers to play this game
  • it's important to finish the Tutorial first (available from Main Menu) before starting an actual Demo
  • we are not the native English speakers, so forgive us for the occasional roughness of the language
  • the demo contains greybox elements, don't be mislead by them - they are temporary


The following music tracks are used in the demo:

  • "Händer Skola Hålla Hårda Yxor" and "Vida Jättars Väg" by Atrium Carceri & Herbst9, with permission from Cryo Chamber
  • "Feral Spirit" by Paleowolf, with permission from Paleowolf
  • an excerpt from "From the vault of the Miskatonic University" by Graham Plowman, with permission from Graham Plowman


If you are interested in the project, follow its development here at itch.io or on



Njorun's Will - Concept Demo.rar 194 MB


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was fun to play hope u get a release date soon!

Hey, thanks for playing! May I ask you to give us a little more feedback on your experience with the game? 

Sure. Overall the game was pretty fun, stylistically it reminds me a bit of oxenfree. Obviously there's not a lot, but from what I saw you guys did a good job mixing the exploration with horror through the atmosphere in the game. The only thing I'd say I dislike is the mechanics between two players and how it kind of breaks reality. I'm not sure if its just early development or a part of the gameplay but I personally would prefer if the characters couldn't just jump over large gaps and force-push the teammate along. I think spots like those would be great places to add little puzzles where the players need to work together in a Portal 2 type of way to get across stuff like that. The game is fun though, and I like that you guys have small abilities for the player so it feels like there are mechanics to the game. I think one of the issues with games like oxenfree is that it feels like you are just running from place to place while watching dialogue or cutscenes happen, so this is a good change of pace. Hope you get funded and this gets off the ground, cheers.

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Thank you very much for a detailed reply, erc2991! This means a lot to us.